Tuesday, September 6, 2011

False and misleading explanation of the abortion

With a false and misleading explanation of the abortion light State Secretary for the Chamber wrong about the impact of the new amendments to the law and the work of Women on Waves. The result is an unlawful restriction on providing the abortion pill for the treatment of time (women less than 16 days overdue) by physicians with no special permit. The home of the abortion pill for the treatment of time is like an early miscarriage and is supported by the World Health Organization. The government tries Dutch Christian women in this way to deny access to scientific progress.

State Secretary Bussemaker, and Minister Hirsch Ballin inform MPs on the wrong days overdue (OTB), the amendment of the Termination of Pregnancy (BAZ) and the criminality of the OTB by Women on Waves.Women on Waves says that the Secretary of State on August 24 and September 4 questions in Parliament and Van Miltenburg Teeven, Juice and Gill'ard Heerts and incorrectly answered. On her website, Women on Waves at 12 points a detailed explanation.
The following summarizes the main criticisms.
False and misleading explanation of the current abortion law by ministers
The misinformation of the ministers is related to their false and misleading explanation of the abortion (Termination of Pregnancy Act = WAZ). This law has several articles. Article I of the WAZ regulates conditions for abortion, Article II provides that the penal code article 296 criminalizes abortion without a license. Pregnancy in the first and second article the same definition, namely as a woman more than 16 days overdue.The ministers do if suddenly there are two different laws and pregnancy use two definitions. They recognize that the time of treatment (OTB, treatment for 16 days overdue) under Article I does not. At the same time they state that this treatment under Article II (ie criminal law) is, which is incorrect and legally impossible.As a result of this fallacious reasoning wrongly inform the ministers that GPs OTB currently not allowed to carry without a permit. Also, they argue that Women on Waves (WOW) OTB currently without WAZ permit may carry out in international waters. Both claims of the ministers are legally incorrect and untenable.
Ministers ignore prior case law and decisions of Ministers
Both the Supreme Court and the State Council have stated that OTB does not fall under the WAZ with the consequence that this treatment WAZ no permit is required and this treatment not covered by the penalty provided for in Article II does. Also, former Minister of Health stated that the breast OTB is not punishable, provided medical care performed. This case law and legislative history can not just ignore and change, as ministers do so now.
Ministers refuse to questions about the legal definition of pregnancy to answer
A pregnancy begins with the fertilization of an egg. Yet, agents that prevent fertilization, or implantation of the fertilized egg is prevented, not the abortion. The question is, when the fertilized egg or under the abortion law will fall: at the time that the uterus ends up in the period when implantation in the uterus begins in the period that the production of pregnancy hormone starts (before the absence of menstruation) or the forthcoming period?Currently, the legal definition of a pregnancy if the period is more than 16 days has been received. The Secretary of State confirms nor denies this definition in its response to parliamentary questions, but now claims that pregnancy of less than 16 days overdue are not under Article I, but under Article II of the WAZ is. This reasoning may also apply to deem the morning-after pill and coil and treatments shortly before the absence of menstruation. He is referring to the Secretary of State's a slippery slope. These treatments would also be within the scope of the Criminal Code can be brought.
Ministers give false information on the amendment of the BAZ
Under pressure from the Christian parties, the PvdA government approved the OTB to bring under the WAZ. An impossible task, because no laws were simultaneously recorded with ethically sensitive issues change. The change of the BAZ (the Implementation of the WAZ), which please note in the explanatory memorandum that states that the OTB suddenly under the criminal law is, because in practice the OTB in abortion clinics with WAZ license place, can no Legal bracket. A ministerial decree can not (interpretation of) law change, this is an amendment necessary. The argument that the current practice now be specified by law is abused by the unlawful obstruction that GPs have experienced in obtaining the abortion pill.
Ministers give false information on persecution of Women on Waves
Women on Waves At its action in Spain in October 2008 the drug OTB from a yacht out. At that time there was no question of a change in the BAZ, OTB did not have the abortion (WAZ), and therefore not under the criminal law. There was no WAZ permit, nor did use of the mobile clinic associated with this permit is necessary.Nevertheless, support both the Secretary of Health and the Minister of Justice declared by the Inspectorate (IGZ) WOW with the PPS because it supposedly does not legally perform the OTB. Moreover, they provided incorrect answers to questions about the medical aspects of drug OTB, moving permits and using the abortion pill.
Women on Waves is an organization that laws and regulations very well, and acts accordingly. Despite opposition from Ministries of Justice and Health, she always got its legal equivalent.Women on Waves experience it as offensive, that suggest that ministers would violate laws of Women on Waves, while optimal quality of care and legal supplies.Women on Waves is deeply worrying that the Minister of Health on behalf of the Minister of Justice for MPs false light on legal and medical aspects of the OTB, both by GPs and by Women on Waves.

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