Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5 reasons for women to start with strength training

We really are all at least twice a week to do strength training. Yet, statistics show that only 30 percent of women (a sort of) strength train.

This despite the fact that you get a much better figure of strength training, and you also can lose weight much easier. If you still have doubts then I convince you with five reasons to start strength training:
1. 24-hour strength by afterburning

A major benefit of strength training is the so-called post-combustion: 24 hours long you keep 100 calories if you train your muscles well. This does not seem much, but on an annual basis it is still a few pounds quickly. The average woman will lose about as many pounds!

2. Muscle mass prevents type 2 diabetes

More and more people get diabetes because they eat poorly and little physical activity. Teaches that particular strength greatly helps combat diabetes, because muscle your blood sugar levels stabilize.
3. Lose weight by strength training

People often think that cardio mainly ensures that you lose weight. Now this is basically true, but remember that it's much better to get a smaller waist and more muscle mass, than simply pounds on the scale are lost. Strength training twice a week even ensures that your bodyfat decreases by 3 percent in 10 weeks.
4. Skip the light weights and high reps on

Many women fear that they have big muscles if they use heavier weights in the gym. That's why you often see women with very light weights to work, and then do many repetitions. This is not smart because you at first as a woman not easily get a muscular body, and secondly with heavier weights, you burn twice as many calories after the workout with lighter weights than you would burn.
5. Strength training creates stronger

Although it seems obvious: strength training makes you stronger. You forget that this is only quick with daily chores very handy! You also have much less chance of injuries such as sprains (source).

Swallow the pill?

Swallow the pill? Then you may have a vitamin B6 deficiency!
If you are taking the pill against unwanted pregnancies, then chances are that you have a vitamin B6 deficiency. Your body has to use a contraceptive pill which is more vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is required, and partly because not many women get the recommended daily amount.

A U.S. study shows that of all women who swallow the pill, about 75% a vitamin B6 deficiency.
How do you know if you have a vitamin B6 deficiency?

There are a number of symptoms which you may find that you have a vitamin B6 deficiency (source):

* Scaly skin (especially around the eyes, nose, mouth and behind your ears)
* Painful red lips
* Anxiety and depression
* Problems with your metabolism

Arriving by the pill may also be solved with vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in our metabolism, particularly in the processing of fat and storage of glucose. Gaining weight is often a side effect called while using the pill. Perhaps you can do this for a large part solved by eating enough products with vitamin B6, or a multi-vitamin to swallow.
What foods can you find vitamin B6?

Vitamin B6 found primarily in these foods (source):

* Banana (each = 30% RDA B6)
* Boiled potatoes (150 grams = 25% RDA B6)
* Brown bread (4 slices = 15% RDA B6)
* Nuts (50 grams = 15% RDA B6)
* Pork (100 grams = 15% RDA B6)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Green tea and losing weight: It is not a panacea!

I regularly read several blogs and websites that green tea ensures that you can lose weight easier. And yes, this claim is true according to research.

What I really only notice about the reactions on blogs and forums, is that many who a few pounds too much with them, green tea as a panacea. Comments like "I drink all day every 4 weeks 10 cups of green tea but I'm only a kilo, " I see very often pass.

Why? Well, it's quite simple: green tea is not the panacea that as a last resort you can catch and which miraculously is suddenly a size-zero. See it as omega-3 fatty acids: they make sure that you store less fat, but if you saturated fat and sugar continues feeding, then you might as well not start.

When does green tea do?

Green tea works fine if you are already health nutrition. Many sports and eat many plants. That you will lose. Green tea is not a means that unlimited offsets eat cookies. Only if you really want to do something to lose strengthens your digestive system to function even better.

No excuses, healthy life rather than endlessly debating the best type of green tea a few pounds to lose.

So had to get out there. I continue drinking my now no-longer-too-hot cup of green tea without sugar and sweets.

4 reasons why we overeat

Overeating is an addiction. Often this is because you think you have enough willpower not to eat too much, but the causes are usually deeper.

The first step is therefore to find out where these causes are. This article find the four most common reasons why we overeat.
Overeating represses emotions

In our culture it is normal to stop your emotions away and not buy her walk. We need to show a smile, even though we do not want to.

Negative emotions such as fear, sadness and anger, we stop off because we have not learned how these emotions in a healthy way to process.

Because food in our affluent country in abundance, we can gorge ourselves with all sorts of products to these negative emotions away again. Food is a spiritual tool rather than a physical requirement.
Overeating fills a void

Overeating is often a spiritual filling function. Example, if you've had many relationships, but they always run piece, it is possible that you shut yourself to new relationships.

The lack of a relationship with some then filled with food.
Overeating since it can not others

It's in human genes against domination by others about you to go. Therefore, if someone says you can not do something, then you do it right.

Certainly in our culture where fat, sugar and carbohydrates are almost forbidden to eat, see a strong dichotomy. On one side the ultra healthy people who never eat anything wrong or too much, and on the other hand, the people who try but fail to every healthy diet to maintain.

It is often said that you can not eat something, or you are not allowed to eat too much, it constantly in your head remains haunting. The risk of overeating is magnified exponentially.
Overeating since it can

One of the biggest problems in losing weight, it is not taking responsibility for your own actions. Do you really think you can not control your diet, and that you have no choice? Or do you just eat too much?

The fact remains that you do have this control, you just have to convince yourself that you can put into practice. Here no one can really help because you need to do it yourself.

What are you the cause of overeating, by identifying what exactly is it you can go fight for your life to throw. Too much food can not be solved with a diet. You solve it by your lifestyle changes.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Swine influenza (flu) symptoms and medication

In the news you see more and more about infection with the swine flu virus (flu). It is a variant of the influenza A virus H1N1, and has its origins in Mexico, but has since spread around the world have emerged, with deaths.
Why is Mexican influenza (swine flu) dangerous?

People become more often infected with a swine flu virus, but they are usually only pig to human transmission. In the cases recently in the news involves a new variant, because this swine influenza virus transmissible from human to human.

Because the virus a new strain of influenza, little is known about the genetic composition and there are no people immune to this type of flu. This makes it particularly dangerous for almost everyone.

Moreover, the swine flu somewhat misleading name, because this flu is likely a mix of bird flu, swine flu and human flu. Therefore the now officially named "swine flu". There is no available vaccine for humans against this form of swine flu. This is expected to take place before October.

At the time of writing (June 9, 2009), there are 20 Dutch with the flu. Meanwhile, various infections in the Netherlands where the person in question was not a risk. Worldwide involves a total of 20,000 infections, mainly in Mexico and the United States.

What are the symptoms of swine influenza (swine flu)?

The symptoms of swine influenza (swine flu) are similar to ordinary flu:

* Fever
* Cough
* Apathy
* No appetite

Do you have these symptoms and you recently in Mexico or other infected areas have been, go directly to your doctor.
As a precaution: Medications ordered for the flu (swine flu)

If you've been in risk, but would like to order preventive medicine against swine flu, the official agency then recommends "The Center for Disease Control and Prevention" to the drugs Tamiflu and Relenza. Both drugs work against swine flu, not only as a medicine if you already have the virus, but also preventive, so before you get infected (source: NOVA April 27, 2009).
Tamiflu and ordering information

Against swine flu tamiflu order without receptTamiflu is the best known cure for influenza (flu) and is also useful as a medicine against the flu.

Get more information about Tamiflu (also be ordered without a prescription).
Relenza and ordering information

Relenza against swine flu receptive toe order without other drug known to have anti-swine flu Relenza.

Learn more about Relenza (and where you can buy this drug without a prescription).
Beware of fake medicines!

As many people want to buy Tamiflu, there are criminals active on the Internet that placebos sales of Tamiflu. We therefore guarantee 100% that you are using Tamiflu for Healthy Enzo Doctor Online purchases of the same quality as Tamiflu in normal pharmacies in the Netherlands.

Cancer prevention: Because vegetarianism is less risk of cancer

If you want to stay healthy and especially not want to get cancer, it is wise to fewer, or no, eating meat. An English study of 50,000 men and women shows that vegetarians and fish eaters much less chance of many cancers.

Anyway get all vegetarians are less likely cancer because they average exercise more and deal more consciously with their bodies. But if the benefits of exercise are omitted, then you have a vegetarian diet or a visdieet a very important point that can be included in the list for cancer prevention.
Meat from the Wheel of Five?

Important detail: the carnivores in the study, no true carnivores: their daily portion of meat fell within the recommended daily allowance (100 to 125 grams per day). This is important to know, because apart from taste you might wonder whether meat or belongs in the so-called pyramid (Just so you know, I'm not a vegetarian, so I promote is not my lifestyle:)).
Vegetarians are more likely to colon cancer

There was still a surprise to find the results of the study: Vegetarian food will be an increased risk of colon cancer with it. This is very remarkable, because until now it was thought that cancer was strongly linked with the consumption of (red) meat.
More research into the causes and prevention of cancer

Since colon cancer is very common in the western world, much remains to be investigated further to a better cause. Possibly there is something about this disease preventive be done.