Saturday, July 30, 2011

Free shipping in frozen organic

Frozen food bio delivered free anywhere in France

New: 11 new organic products (vegetables, fries, meat, poultry, ready meals, desserts, ice creams ...) proposed by Toupargel, the leader in France of the home delivery (in large cities and in remote municipalities) of frozen foods.

Organic frozen food delivered free to homes around France to enjoy the benefits of a diet free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers even when living in a remote commune

Engaged in a process of naturalization, Toupargel No. 1 home delivery of frozen food is to enrich its offer organic products (vegetables, meat, poultry, ready meals, desserts, ice creams ...) 11 new references including fries Bio. We live a large city as a municipality of less than 10 000 people, eating organic is possible and easy with frozen home delivered by Toupargel.

Examples of products:
- Smoked Salmon Atlantic BIO Ireland, the piece of 100 g
Dry salt cured salmon, smoked over beech wood, from organic farming and raised according to the regulations for organic production. Irish origin
- 3 Cheese Pizza BIO, the piece of 350 g
Pizza baked in a wood-fired oven and made with ingredients from organic farming, according to the strict regulation of organic production. Filling: 50% * with tomato, mozzarella * 27% * 10.5% Emmental, black olives *, gorgonzola * 5% * ingredients from certified organic agriculture
- Sautéed vegetables BIO, the sachet 600 g
The fried vegetables is 100% ingredients from organic farming is to say, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Organic green beans, broccoli bio, organic onions, organic mushrooms Paris, organic red peppers, organic spices sachets + 1 bag of organic spices.

28 organic products delivered free anywhere in France
Aware of environmental issues, Toupargel wanted to extend its offer organic products.
11 new products are now added to the 17 existing products. The supply of frozen proposed Toupargel includes products to cook (meat, poultry, fish, vegetables), cooked ready to serve (smoked salmon beech) or simply warm (pizza with three cheeses baked in wood chips, fried vegetables, spinach) and desserts (apple pie, ice cream and sorbets made the traditional way ...).

Natural Lip Stick

More than a stick, a real Toothpaste with Propolis
In winter, the lips are attacked by cold, wind and sun of winter sports. Real asset of seduction, lips deserve the greatest attention.

Apitherapy expert and natural cosmetics for many years, the Laboratory The three OAK ® formulated lip care with propolis, honey and beeswax. It nourishes and soothes the lips, chapping and protects from the sun UVA / B (PF15). The lips are supple, soft and protected!

Stick a practical and efficient from the hive to the health and beauty of the lips of the whole family (from 6 years). To use without moderation throughout the year!

Retail price: € 4.50
ACL: 2615585
Stick to 5.2 g
Available in pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores from September 15, 2010.

THE POWER OF Apitherapy
Apitherapy is a natural method of treatment using essentially the products of the hive
prevent and treat disease.
Produced by bees from buds and bark of trees for thousands of years, propolis
is truly a natural antibiotic. If the workers use it as a "glue" to protect the hive from bacteria and external aggressions, it is not by chance.
It contains many vitamins and trace elements.
Its anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing properties make it an ally of choice to combat the evils of winter.
• Beeswax
Beeswax has hydrating and healing.
It is traditionally present in the sticks of lipstick.
A true delight for the taste, honey is so precious for you! It is used on certain types of burns and wounds as it accelerates wound healing and has anti-inflammatory.

Jug water filters for water and your health

Impact of jug water filters on health
Excerpt from a press release from Ms. Marland-Militello, MP (Alpes-Maritimes - France) for his efforts on the safety assessment of jug water filters, social phenomenon whose effects on health have not been evaluated date.

She asked a written question to the Minister of Health and Sports just to respond.

Mrs Marland-Militello asked that an investigation was finally conducted the carafes. Pending these results, Muriel Marland-Militello asked industry to carry out communication campaigns on the precautions to be observed.

Jug water filters: a commercial success in the health effects not evaluated

Water is one of the most natural elements essential to life. Its quality is therefore subject to greater attention from the authorities.
The jug water filters have appeared in millions of French homes in recent years.
Muriel Marland-Militello is committed to ensuring that these jugs can be used without any danger to health, such as tap water before the filter.
It therefore asked the Ministry of Health about this. In his response published in the Official Journal on August 24, Roselyne Bachelot said that the use of jug water filters do is now the subject of any recommendation by the Ministry of Health and the efficacy and safety of these processes are the responsibility of the person who puts on the market.
The use of filter cartridges must be in strict compliance with recommendations. Indeed, users may forget to change the filter cartridges or make heavy use for reasons of economy, in which case release of toxic or undesirable in the water consumed are possible.

Concerned about the health of the French in all their actions, even the most everyday, Muriel Marland-Militello asked the Minister of Health to commission as soon as an investigation of the sanitary quality of water delivered by the jug water filters.

Pending the results of this survey, Muriel Marland-Militello asked to industrial sector to conduct communication campaigns to entice users to greater vigilance on the precautions to be taken with these products, particularly with regard to health risks if stored too long filtered water and non-change filter cartridges.

My first birth control pill for a girl

Aware of the high expectations associated with the first birth control in terms of accessibility, simplicity and efficiency, and leveraging its expertise in gynecology, laboratory Théramex, today announced the launch of a website dedicated public information and support for young girls who start oral contraceptives:

The laboratory Théramex, company division Merck Serono (Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany), today announced the launch of a website dedicated to consumer information and support for young girls who start a contraceptive oral

While France is characterized by widespread dissemination of birth control first and foremost oral contraception, the number of voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) remains high. Thus the 220,000 abortions that occur each year in France, 22,000 are directly related to an oversight pilule1. Misinformation and misconceptions that persist about the pill, and its cost and non-repayment of some of them could constitute obstacles to its proper use and generate compliance problems. In this context,, site for young girls who are starting a contraceptive pill, is designed to provide answers to questions and concerns that may have the girls who take the pill for the first time. The purpose of this site is to inform and guide teens who may feel a little lost when they want access to contraception.

To reduce the sodium in the diet

First association in France dedicated to the reduction of sodium in the diet
In a report in 2002, the French Agency for Food Safety (AFSSA, now renamed ANSES) stressed the need to reduce our salt intake to limit the risks in particular hypertension. The National Health and Nutrition Programme (PNNS) then set targets that have not been achieved to date.

For the first time in France, an association was formed to promote the interest rates to limit sodium in foods. The group SALT (Sodium Food: We will limit the rate) is involved in the production of scientific and production of information tools for professionals and the general public about the effects of dietary sodium on health. The goal is to educate consumers and persuade decision makers to adopt clear and useful to limit the amount of sodium we eat daily.

The SALT Group is the French branch of the international WASH (World Action Against Salt and Hypertension) was established in 2005. He will speak in particular to the bodies responsible for implementing the actions of any new PNNS 3 and National Food Plan (NAP).

Reduce the risk of caries in children

Tooth decay: the problem of all children but especially

Tooth decay affects more than one third of children 6 years and more than half of children aged 12 years. However, the determinants of caries are mainly related to eating behaviors and habits of oral hygiene. This is why preventive measures are intended both to reduce the consumption of cariogenic sugars to allow a regular supply of fluoride in contact with teeth.2. This calls for simple messages, but still insufficiently known: do not eat between meals, not eating too much sugar and brush teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

In addition to these tips on a daily basis, the participation of all children and adolescents exams prevention program to prevent health insurance (M'T teeth) is highly recommended. In addition, targeted screening is recommended to reach out to children and adolescents who have not participated in the program "M'T teeth" on socio-economic representation of oral health or access to professionals.

Finally, in children at high caries risk, HAS recommends that dental professionals perform acts of prophylaxis have proven effective: Fissure sealing, application of fluoride varnish or fluoride gel.

For the general population, the HAS advocates the use of iodized salt in cooking and fluorinated salt rather than non-fluorinated, in respect of the recommendations on salt intake of the National Health and Nutrition. Thus, catering (canteens and catering for adults) are encouraged to use fluoridated salt (in compliance) and to inform users.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The effects of aluminum on health: the controversy bounces

After the book came out of Virginia Belle, When aluminum poisoning us.
Virginia Belle is a freelance science journalist and has worked with several national media. She worked in this investigation for two years.

The survey reported the ubiquity of aluminum in our daily lives and its proven toxicity, noted recently that Guy Berthon, former director of research at CNRS "in high doses or regular doses, [l aluminum] is toxic. [...] If a party is naturally eliminated in the urine and the intestinal barrier, another pass through this brick wall that is the small intestine and is found in the blood and the brain. Here, aluminum is deposited, hardened and can not leave. "
Source: Le Monde, 15/09/2010.

Aluminum salts are currently present in the composition of maternal milk industry, additives and food colorings (as baking powder baking powder and aluminum silicate as anti-caking agent in certain cheeses), certain common drugs ( gastric bandages, antacids, vaccine adjuvants and allergen extracts), several cosmetics (deodorants, antiperspirants, sunscreens, skin care products for the face and body, makeup and cleansing), ceramics in orthopedic and dental in tap water.

Today, researchers have shown that when aluminum salts injected directly into the brain of rabbits, dogs and cats, there is a memory deficit of learning, a global slowdown and a loss of curiosity. This reminds some clinical manifestations of Alzheimer's disease. In 2009, a group of researchers at the Hospital Henri-Mondor, Créteil was able to model the path of the aluminum hydroxide in the body, that is to say, its pharmacokinetics, its fate in the body when it is injected into the muscle.
These crystals of aluminum nanoparticles, are much smaller than micron particles, and therefore they are not arrested by the barriers that normally protect us from toxic elements. The migration of these nanoparticles is therefore the blood, spleen, liver, and finally in the brain, in which the metal, neurotoxic out, settles and accumulates.
The conclusion of this research is clear: the aluminum could be responsible for certain neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases.

What is diabetes? For young people!

72 hours of balance, in tune with our health "

a facelift for the 15th exhibition of diabetes from Friday 12 to Sunday, November 14 at the CNIT La Defense 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

72 hours of balance (glucose) to break the invisible wall of silence and indifference surrounding diabetes:

Fri, November 12 the C koi diabetes? "The chug and diabetes" "Why I do not take my medication? "" Sex and Diabetes "(preventing youth)

Sat, November 13 bittersweet first author on the film directed by Matthieu Chatellier Diabetes

Sun, November 14 World Diabetes Day: Diabetes and solidarity Fresco presence of many

Moreover, "Views of a globe-trotter diabetic" exhibition Arduini Delphine, thirty-insulin-dependent

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Natural product against snoring

Figures that concern us all:

56% of households have at least one snorer.

64% of snorers are men and 36% of women.

71% of snorers and 35 to 69 years.

The inconveniences of snoring:

Headache, sore throat, dry mouth, decreased libido, memory loss, unstable and fragmented sleep so little recovery, and a married life can be very disturbed.

RHINO QUINis a natural response to this problem

What are the active ingredients of RHINO QUIN?

Aloe Vera has the powers of dehydration of the tissues and mucous membranes and has a tightening effect on the palate.
Peppermint essential oil has many properties, it is a plant under constrictor, it tones the venous tissue to allow better circulation, therefore it improves the air flow.

Ocular preservative-free products

While the deleterious consequences of the Conservatives in the eye are singled out by all the specialists, laboratories Horus Pharma, which have a unique expertise in the field of ophthalmology, is now pioneering products with no preservatives their innovative patented:

"EpiFree Technology ™" = 0% Conservative

Dr. Martine Claret, Head Pharmacist and President of Pharma Laboratories Horus behind "EpiFree Technology ™" says: "there was a changing of eye diseases and allergic skin, affecting 10-20% of the population : irritation, blepharitis, increased drought, eczema. However, if eye drops without preservatives are now commonly prescribed, no product care and hygiene of the thin and fragile skin of the eyelids was available so far, no preservatives. Thus we have designed and developed "EpiFree Technology ™", which allows to avoid the use of preservatives.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Milk freely, without problems of bloating and heaviness

30% of French people have problems digesting milk (1). Most of them ignore the head: the milk sugar (lactose)

(1) Survey conducted by IPSOS France in the month of July-August 2010 from a representative sample of the French population aged 15 and over.

Milk is in the top three foods difficult to digest by the French (with pepper and garlic). But they do not know why. Only 3.6% mentioned the correct answer ie the sugar found in milk, lactose.

The company "Valio" has developed a real alternative, milk and dairy products guaranteed 100% lactose free. This is a real technological feat, the players of the milk never far failed to guarantee the total absence of lactose. These products are guaranteed 100% free of lactose retain their great taste of milk and all their nutritional properties. The nutritional value of milk lactose Zero remains the same, but with 20% fewer calories. Now available in France in the Paris region and in the North, lactose-free milk will allow everyone to continue to enjoy the benefits and good taste of milk or start drinking it.

On the occasion of the launch, the company Valio with the help of a scientific committee composed of Professor Hammer (gastroenterologist), Prof. Schneider (nutritionist) and Dr Gavidi (GP) is launching a major campaign to information "milk freely" among general practitioners in the lactose and the benefits of milk, with a poster, information card and a website.

Hamburger disease: end soon?

Hamburger disease, a bad memory?

The "hamburger disease" or HUS (hemolytic uremic syndrome) is gastroenteritis, which attacks the kidneys and reached each year over 100 people in France and 2 to 4 100 000 people around the world.

International search results just shown for the first time how the bacterium E. coli responsible for the disease can survive in the gut of the cow by ensuring the exclusive food source specific. Published in the October issue of Environmental Microbiology and highlighted in Nature Reviews Microbiology, results of this study could lead to the development of non-medical interventions to eradicate this bacterium.


Excerpt from press release of vital center, center for the well-being and detox, which has developed a special program to help the body protect itself from the evils of winter.
To help each and everyone to protect themselves from the cold weather, Alexandra Gavsevitch developed sessions designed to stimulate the body's natural defenses. Cough, nose caught, headache due to sinusitis, sensations of heat and cold related cold VITAL ... helps us to protect and / or fight the first signs of cold.

A session VITAL Dome (Japanese long infrared sauna) which will allow us to eliminate toxins from our body, plus a back massage in 30 minutes with essential oils immunostimulant (essential oil blend of anti-Niaouli infectious and antiviral essential oil of pine respiratory antiseptic, stimulating the body and orange essential oil anti-inflammatory and soothing).

In VITAL, take care of your body and prevent external attacks is a lifestyle, an "inner ecology", a "body ecology" to help the body to resist exposure of the evils of the season (frost, viruses, ... microbes).

To prepare his body for winter, VITAL has also designed a course, bracket ideal for cleaning the body in depth and help get rid of its excess waste to boost the metabolism to spend a serene winter.

To consume without moderation!