Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Do you recommend it to just that one special gift under my Christmas tree? A / C. Biocompatibility. Patented ribbelontwerp. Integrated air chambers. Reliable support. Does it not ring a bell? No? Then I quote further from the accompanying brochure. Provides natural movement to swell. With Vario-adhesive strip. Dermatologist tested. Optimal skin climate. Certainty in every movement. You can even swim. Exactly! There was a soft touch silicone breast prosthesis under my Christmas tree.
After the operation I was in hospital a temporary breast prosthesis. Actually, that was just a soft pillow filled with a kind Watté in my bra to stop. Because the scar could then obviously not much tolerated. But now everything is nicely healed, I could fit my new chest. A breast that is perfectly symmetrical with my other - becoming lonely - breast. A chest filled with silicone. On the back of the prosthesis can I make skin-friendly adhesive strips so that the prosthesis sticks to my skin and I can bend over without problems.
It was a bit of searching and groping for the right shape and the precise location for the prosthesis to find. Fortunately it is Dieter, an expert on the subject. Surprisingly fopborst that feels very natural on my body. The lady of the homecare looks a bit strange as Dieter calls for a level ... to ensure that both breasts at the same height. Along with the maintenance is still a job that my 5 minutes every morning will keep longer in the bathroom.
Now I understand, dear friends, that you at the next meeting a bit distracted by the illusion of my perfect cup. Not really: feel free to look at, the knock against me, er, chest. And if you doubt it, my left breast is the only real. But if you followed my colorful scarves a glimpse: make eye contact he way whatsoever - if only just.
According to Dieter I walk around with a contented look, just like I've won the Super Cup. That'll be some football cup. Alas, it remains a challenge cup, for a good year in which I exchange for a real cup: one with the body's own tissue and blood flow and no maintenance need and level.