Monday, December 26, 2011

Men 'more vulnerable' to diabetes

British researchers have shown why men are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. They are simply biologically prone to this condition.

The research team from Glasgow University concluded that men with a much lower BMI already developing type 2 diabetes than women.

Probably the distribution of body fat an important role. Men store fat in their liver and around their waist. Women have relatively more "safe" subcutaneous fat stored on the hips and thighs.

Type 2 diabetes is caused by impaired blood sugar. This disturbance is associated with excessive fat in the relevant organs like the liver and muscles.

The data from 51,920 men and 43,137 women with diabetes in Scotland for the study. The results showed that the diagnosis of diabetes in men with a mean BMI of 31.83 was set. In women it was 33.69.

"Only definition of ADHD"

A major cause of ADHD is a hypersensitivity to normal diet. Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD are so dire need of renovation. That says researcher Lynn Pelsser the ADHD Research Centre.

ADHD is the most common childhood psychiatric disorder. The exact cause is unclear, probably hereditary and environmental factors play a role.

Treatment consists mainly of medication yet. More research into the cause of ADHD is urgently needed so that it can be prevented, Pelsser writes in her thesis.

From this and earlier studies indicate that ADHD and defiant and insolent behavior in sixty percent of children are caused by ordinary food.

Earlier this year Pelsser published the results of its investigation into the effects of a special diet, the diet-RED, the leading scientific journal The Lancet.

RED Diet

The RED-diet is a diet of individual footing. All foods that children might respond, they may not eat for five weeks. This allows you to determine whether diet influences behavior.

If so, individual foods one by one again added to the diet. Then turns to what specific foods an individual child reacts with ADHD behaviors.

Pelsser argues that the current definition of ADHD no longer meet. These should be replaced by food-induced (FI) on the one hand and classic ADHD ADHD on the other, depending on the reaction of the child to the RED-diet.


"The effect of diet on ADHD appears to be greater than the effect of medication. Moreover, the diet throughout the day, while medication in the morning is not yet operational and evening already been worked out." Pelsser says.

Therefore, the diet according to its standard to be applied in the diagnosis of ADHD. With sixty percent of the children will then show that there is FI-ADHD, and these children would adjust their diet should be part of the treatment.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nobel scientists to immune systems

The Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded this year to the American Bruce Beutler, the Luxemburger Jules Hoffmann and the Canadian Ralph Steinman.

This has the Nobel Committee said Monday.

Beutler, Hoffmann and Steinman will be honored for their research on immune systems. Beutler, and Hoffman have the effect of the so-called natural immunity examined, and Steinman discovered dendritic cells, which play an important role in the immune system.

The three scientists were so closely involved in unraveling the workings of the human immune system. That protects the body against harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses, but also plays such a role in the early fighting cancer.


The first line of our defense is the innate immunity. This system generates inflammatory reactions and destroy invaders. Survive the first attack the intruder, then the specific immune system in action.

Called T and B cells produce antibodies and killer cells that infected cells rotate the neck. After eliminating the immune system remembers the intruder using memory cells.


Thanks to the discoveries of Nobel laureates known how antibodies are produced and how T cells recognize foreign substances in the body. Steinman discovered the so-called dendritic cells, a cell with antennae that scan the environment and pieces of foreign material to other immune cells present. To turn this cell specific antibodies in motion.

Nobel Prizes

The award is the first Nobel Prize for Medicine this year awarded. The next day follow in Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Economics.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine went last year to the Englishman Robert Edwards. He has in-vitro fertilization (IVF) program. In 1924 and in 1929 the prize was awarded to Dutch researchers.


"Sleep deprivation impairs adolescent brain

A chronic lack of sleep during adolescence not only creates feckless adolescents. It also may lead to permanent damage in the brain.

"If you sleep too much during adolescence, especially chronic, can have permanent consequences for the compounds in the brains.

The brain develops during adolescence is hugely: it will form new synapses and are also broken down. "Says Dr. Chiara Cirelli of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


A synapse is a space in the connection between nerve cells. In this space bring neurotransmitters messages. In adult rodents and flies during sleep synapses are weaker and smaller.

This is likely to prepare them for the waking hours in which the synapses back stronger and bigger by new experiences and information.


The researchers compared mice that were allowed to sleep with adolescent mice were kept awake. They followed the formation and breakdown of the number of synapses by counting dendritic spines: these spines contain synapses and allow brain cells to receive signals from other brain cells.

In the mouse brains, there was a difference between sleeping and waking. The density of dendritic spines decreased during sleep and increased during wakefulness.


"This result shows that how long you sleep or lie awake affects the synapse. The important question is what happens when you are chronically sleep, something that many adolescents do.

The consequences of sleep deprivation can be benign, temporary and reversible, "Cirelli says," but it is growing up and functioning of the brains also change permanently. "


Children too salty snacks

BAARN - The children's versions of chips, pretzels and sweet cake is sometimes two to three times as much salt as in products for adults, according to research by the Consumers.

Manufacturers use salt to enhance flavor. Children who eat too much salt run by kidney greater risk of cardiovascular disease in later life. And children who are early accustomed to much salt, probably eat as adults are more salt.

The children Nibbit chips with 0.91 grams of salt per bag of 25 grams is almost three times as salty as natural Lay's chips. An Evergreen League strawberry milk contains three times as much salt as a league grapes of the same brand.

The Prince and the Mini Stars LU Ernst, Bobbie and the rest of biscuits Patria do poorly.


Products do not need much salt salt to taste. Cookies can also be high in salt. It is not only in snacks, but also in everyday products such as bread.

The Nutrition Center for Children recommends a low maximum amount of salt per day. For children between 1 and 3 years is 3 grams, for 4 to 6 years 4 grams and for 7 to 10 years preferably below 5 grams. Above this age is 6 grams of salt a maximum daily dose.

On the label you can see how much salt there is in a product. Salt is often listed as sodium. 0.4 grams of sodium, 1 gram of salt. So multiply sodium by 2.5 to know how many grams of salt it is.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Apple worse for teeth than cola

An apple can eat four times as damaging to your teeth as fizzy drinks. Also wine and beer are not good for your teeth.
Photo: Gezondheidsnet

The researchers looked for an association between dental erosion and nutrition in more than 1000 people between 18 and 30 years.

She looked at damage to the enamel and dentin. People who eat apples, nearly four times as much damage to the dentin. Soda drinkers did not have increased risk.


Even fruit juice, wine and beer will damage the teeth, but to a lesser extent than apples. An apple can contain four teaspoons of sugar, which increases the acidity in the mouth. These acids cause dental erosion.

"It's not just about what we eat but how we eat. Apples are naturally healthy, but if you eat slowly damages the high acidity of apples your teeth." Said Professor David Bartlett of King's College London Dental Institute.


It's safe to continue eating apples. The researchers recommend a glass of milk to drink or eat some cheese with your apple, because the calcium from milk and cheese neutralizes the acid from the apple. Drinking water after you've eaten an apple helps, because the water washes away the harmful acid.

Also brush your teeth before you eat or drink sour protects the teeth. Fruit juices are best with a drinking straw, so that less acid comes into contact with your teeth.

Men underestimate waist size

Men often underestimate the size of their waist and do not know how it the right way to measure. Waist size is a predictor of various diseases.
Photo: Gezondheidsnet

Nearly 1,000 British men were asked to guess their waist size. Most thought over 5 inches slimmer than the UK average of 96 cm.

Only 16 percent admitted to sit above 100 cm, while according to official figures twice as many men have a waist size of more than one meter.

how to measure

87 percent of men did not know how they should measure waist and thought for example that you just above your hips to measure.

The proper place to measure in the middle between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips.

predictor of disease

The waist size is a predictor of many diseases. Overweight men are more susceptible to cancer, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A healthy waist size is 94 inches for men than for women up to 80 inches.

Dutch food is not healthy enough

BILTHOVEN - Almost all children from 7 years (98 percent) do not eat enough vegetables. According to the standards they would be three serving spoons vegetables a day eating.
Photo: Reuters

According to a survey by the National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM) on Wednesday presented.

Approximately 84 percent of adults, not the standard that applies to them: four tablespoons per day. Dutch eat too little fruit and fish. Moreover, they work too much unhealthy fat inside.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good and safe sleep

In the beginning, your baby lots of sleep. His day is actually little more than sleep, eat, cuddle, hug and produce full diapers. Your newborn baby has an average of 18 hours sleep a day. But there are kids who slightly less (16 hours) or slightly more (20 hours) per day have sufficient feel. Generally sleep a newborn baby every three hours, after which he was about fifteen minutes awake.

If you feel that your baby does not sleep enough, try some extra rest for him to create. He sleeps in the living room? Try it in a separate room to sleep. He just sleeps in a separate room? Try the living room to sleep. Your voice and sounds around him, he can actually very quiet and familiar feel, making it easy to sleep,. Most babies will be half years after the night sleep. Most have until that time at night need a bottle. Usually, the more active your baby is, the more energy it consumes and the better he sleeps.

As your child gets older, he increasingly longer periods of wakefulness in a row. Often your child has a pattern of sleeping and he sleeps developed every day at about the same times.
The first 20 minutes a baby to sleep, they sleep more light. Then they get into a deep sleep. At such times she could not wake until they have enough sleep.
The breathing of a newborn baby is still very irregular. It varied from fast, slow, deep, and sometimes not at all a few seconds. This is normal. Most babies begin until after 4 months of regular breathing. Of course there are exceptions, these babies breathe very quickly (or equivalent) regularly.


sleep Tips

Your baby will not sleep, but of course you want that he goes to sleep. For his health, but also to just have your hands free. Yet he lay in his crib and let him cry it is not an option. He is not happier, and neither did you, because it is a fabulously fun hearing screams. Fortunately, there are some methods you can try. And who knows ... will do the trick!

Comfort or cry?

It is a myth that you will spoil your baby if you give him comfort when he cries at night. Research has shown that you can not spoil young babies, especially the first six months. Only after that period they will understand more and perhaps cry 'use' to get your attention. If your baby at night crying first see if there is a logical cause. Dirty diaper? Pain? Hunger? Is not the case then of course also be that your child just needs your attention. When you comfort him when he is sad, he will quickly feel safe and ultimately less cry.
Of course you should wait a few minutes before rushing to him, some babies cry to get back to sleep. Should be no less crying, you baby then but tasty comfort.

 To prevent your baby's head is flat on one side, it is important to regularly change his sleeping position. A baby who sleeps on his back, can very easily at one time with his head to the left and the other time with his head to the right. Place a doll down on the side where his eyes are focused. This is like a recognition for yourself to know on which side he has located the last time.The first two weeks it is safe for your baby on his side to go because he can not yet run on his tummy. After this time he does and it is therefore wise for your baby to lay on his back. A prone position may hinder breathing.A sleeping bag can help keep your baby on his back to leave and avoid anyway he will turn around to his belly.
TemperatureProper temperature is important. Research has shown that too high a temperature for a sleep likely causes of SIDS. To feel if your baby too hot or too cold in his crib, it is best just to feel his neck. Are nekhaartjes moist, then your baby too hot. If the neck is cold, try as soon as your baby is a bit warmer. A dry, warm neck is fine. After the first week is a room temperature of 16-18 degrees is sufficient.
No barriersYour baby may not encounter obstacles in his crib for air targets. His bed should be well fixed to his bed and 'short' are made, so your baby never crawl under his bed.Do not use a pillow or head and zijwantbeschermers, pool mattresses, harnesses, ropes, and / or covers. Also make sure that your child not one (curtain) cord or cord. He was this entanglement.
Among you?The opinions of experts are a bit divided therein. One says you do not want your child to take between you. The other says that it is right for your child very comfortable and familiar can be. Consumer Safety Institute recommends that with the following arguments:

Your baby's breathing may be affected
There may of hyperthermia (one blanket insulates too well)
You can sleep in your blanket over yourself and pull your baby so he can not breathe freely.
The bedThe crib bars should have a minimum 4.5 and maximum 6.5 cm apart. The bars have to go through to the bottom. The mattress should be firm and thick (8 cm) enough so that the face of your child is not to sink. The mattress should also fit in the bed and the space between mattress and bed must not exceed 2 cm. The mattress must not have plastic.A quilt for children under two years are not safe. Rather use a blanket (not too thick).If your child tries to turn around, you can use a sleeping bag. Make sure you buy the right size. A baby has no pillow is required.

Fruit and vegetable snacks

If your baby is six months you can start with small amounts of vegetables or fruit. Previously not required: (mother) milk contains everything your baby needs. Early refeeding reduces milk production when breastfeeding. You can watch for signs that your baby stand for something else to eat: he extends his hands to your spoon or your food, or he begins to smash violently when he sees someone else eating.
He can sit up a bit in the chair, then you can feel something different to eat.
Try a new snack, after he had his trusty milk and not instead of his melk.Er are ready-made fruit and vegetable snacks for sale, but you can also make yourself. Note that the first month the food to be strained. There should be no hard bits or seeds in those tissues. From seven or eight months a baby should learn self-chewing. A fruit snack may consist of crushed fruit mixed with a little fruit juice.
Fruit and vegetables contain vitamin C and iron, and that at this age, your baby needs additional as material for his blood and muscles. Suitable for young babies vegetables: carrots, green beans, cauliflower and apple sauce.
Even after 6 months breastfeeding remains an important source of food. You can use it as long as you and your baby to love it. By gradually introducing solid foods in a natural way you can reduce your breast.


     If your child does not feel like trying new food, give him plenty of time to get used to and do not insist on anything that he does not like.
     Please note that no food, gluten, milk or egg contains 6 months before he is, so you reduce the chance of developing allergies.
     Do not attempt more than a new kind of food at a time. Give him a few time to get used to anything.

Baby Food

You probably have already thought about it a lot during your pregnancy. Would you breastfeed your baby? Or do you prefer for the bottle. It is a choice that only you can make. But of course we can be as complete as possible information so you are well able to make the right choice.


The first days after birth your breasts produce a thick, yellowish fluid, called colostrum. This milk contains antibodies that your baby against many infections, bowel and lung protection. Put your baby the first day of regular breast Colustrum to him as much to drink. So you can put together the building master and the milk is well established. Ask for professional help if the creation fails.
If it is not as successful, many women tend to switch to the bottle. Your nurse can assist you in this, but it is also possible to consult a lactation specialist. She can tell you exactly how you can get breastfeeding going, how your baby the best way to build and how much he needs. When breastfeeding, you have certain "rule days. Your baby will then quickly back to nutrition questions. If you take your child and goes back to your breast, the milk itself over the question are customizing.

Ask your question to an expert

Everybody has a burning question about education, health or development of his or her child or the course of pregnancy. Good is not good enough for your child and would prefer to hit the best expert advice and submit your question. But ... that's not always easy. Oh no? Well at! We have some very good experts for your collection that you can ask important questions. Per month, at least one question - a specialist - comprehensive answer. Do not hesitate and feel free to ask your question!

All forms of contraception

Of course you do not want any lovemaking results in a small, chubby baby. Fortunately this can be prevented by a variety of contraceptives. There is a wide range so there really is always a method to find which suits you. Perhaps unnecessary, but it can not be emphasized often enough: a number of contraceptives not only protect you against unintended pregnancy, but also against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


Abstain from all sexual intercourse is obviously one method, which - theoretically - no pregnancy will occur. Yet in practice difficult. Research shows that over 10% of women who use contraception, become pregnant!

contraceptive ring

The vaginal ring, called NuvaRing, is a small, thin and flexible plastic ring (diameter: 5.4 cm) that you insert into the vagina. Like the pill contraceptive ring contains the hormones estrogen and progestin, the amount is lower than the ordinary pill. Yet the contraceptive ring as reliable as the pill. Especially for those who occasionally forget a pill, the contraceptive ring a reliable alternative. The ring is just as effective as the pill and the effect is the same.

He continues to sit three weeks and you can not forget (as the pill). The hormones directly into your bloodstream. No doctor required for placing the ring and on request, send an e-mail or text message sent to you when you need to replace the ring.
A disadvantage is that you must insert the ring yourself (some people find it a bit scary) and the possible side effects are the same as the pill. The vaginal ring provides a regular, monthly menses. Postponing menstruation is possible. The pregnancy rate when used correctly is 0.4 and the contraceptive ring that is as reliable as the regular pill.

contraception stick

The contraceptive rod is inserted subcutaneously and provides hormones. It just once in three years to be inserted. This is done by a doctor in your arm, just under your skin. The strip protects you against pregnancy for three years. You have this method can not control your period. If you want to stop using the stick, a doctor should remove the stick again.

coitus interruptus

Other names for this method are: 'retreat' for the church to sing. Literally it means: interrupted sexual intercourse. In this method, the penis is withdrawn from the vagina just before when the guy cums (ejaculates). It shoots his sperm outside the vagina. Ejaculation always takes a few seconds later than the orgasm, which makes possible the application but it is a matter of experience and skill to good use this method. The chance of pregnancy is small if this method is safe during the day is used. If you are unsure of your ovulation - and therefore your unsafe days - rather than using another method. In the pre-cum may also alter sperm are living, so there is always a chance that the sperm managed to penetrate into the fallopian tubes.


The condom is the oldest and most popular barrier method. It is a thin cover, usually made of rubber. It protects you against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and AIDS. The condom catches the semen (sperm), so it is not in the vagina.

The condom should be applied over the erect penis before they "fought" leaving the penis.
There are many types of condoms, but not every condom is as secure (for example the funcondooms, these are very nice, but not safe!).
With "perfect use" is a (good) 98-99% condom safe. Even safer is to use a condom with a spermicide. Store condoms in a cool dry place, which prevents tearing the condom before. Would rather not (long) in your pocket, purse or glove compartment.
If a condom does unexpected tear, pull the penis straight back. A new condom can be used and then use a double dose of spermicide.
If the vagina is slightly dry and hard inside the penis can use a water-based lubricant. Do not use oily products as they will attack the rubber of the condom and it is no longer safe.

Advantages of the condom
condom use only when you have sex
The condom offers protection against STDs
The condom has no side effects
the condom is easy to obtain

Disadvantages of condoms
You must learn to put on a condom and taking it off
the condom can tear or slip off, especially if the sex was wild and awkward
Some people say they feel the condom less

lactation amenorrhea

The LAM or lactation amenorrhea can only be used during childbirth, and if the baby is fully breastfed. Under full breastfeeding means all feeds exclusively breastfed. The baby should always be made ​​and may in this case expressing no. Your baby may also between any other snacks or snacks by.

The sucking reflex is necessary for the mother to the release of GnRH (= gonadotropins releasing hormone in the hypothalamus, located centrally in the brains) off. GnRH stimulates the pituitary gland (brain Appendix) to the release of hormones, the ovarian activity (functioning of the ovary) relaunch. In addition to full breastfeeding amenorrhea is also necessary to a reliable form of contraception to speak. Amenorrhoea means no bleeding. This method of contraception is any bleeding after 15 days after birth occurs to regard as the end of the amenorrhea. Contraception is not certain and there will be commenced with other contraceptive methods. After 6 months the method, even if no bleeding has been unreliable.

Morning after pill

If you think you know or unsafe sex and you are afraid of a pregnancy, you can use the morning-after pill. Finally, once everyone forget the pill or have an accident with a condom ... The morning-after pill reduces the risk of a possible pregnancy when taken within 24 hours is less than 5%. The morning-after pill does not protect against STDs or AIDS, and is certainly not a contraceptive. It is a small tablet that you take with water. Do this as soon as possible after you've had sex, within 72 hours (3 days). The morning-after pill is available through your GP, but also available at pharmacies or drugstores.

Natural Family Planning or NFP means dealing with natural fertility.
NFP is a method in which a woman perceives herself some physical signs during the cycle change.
These phenomena make it possible for the woman to her fertile days and infertile days to decide. The following signals are crucial. The change of

     (cervical) mucus or cervix (the two are closely interrelated)

These body movements are related to fertility and come back each cycle. If you can recognize them as you may understand your own physical and psychological changes better. A woman who notice these changes and know what they mean, know when pregnancy can occur and when not.
periodic abstinence
The mucus method and temperature method (or a combination of both) are, if they are carefully applied, fairly dependable. The reliability is highly dependent on the commitment and motivation of the woman.
There are devices on the market by measuring body temperature, urine or saliva morning, details of the capture cycle. In this way the determination of fertile and infertile days easily (it) made​​. Manufacturers recommend that during intercourse in the fertile (unsafe) days, to use contraception.


donna ®

based on saliva
persona ®

based on urine
Mini Sophia ®

based on temperature and mucus
Comp Lady ®


What are the advantages and disadvantages of periodic abstinence

The use of natural family planning affects the body and has no side effects. It provides extensive information about the cycle of your own body. If you have an irregular cycle natural family planning is less easy to apply.
Reliability of periodic abstinence

In determining the reliability is assumed that during sex on fertile days occur no community or another form of contraception. In this case the range of 94-99% reliability

The diaphragm is a rubber dome, made ​​of thin latex, with the edge of a flexible metal ring that causes the cervix is closed. Before your community will have you in the vagina.

The diaphragm, place on the cervix into the vagina, he closes the cervix and prevents the sperm into the uterus can get.
It is one of the oldest and contraceptives was before the pill came on the market (around 1960), the only contraceptive for women.
Use the diaphragm with a spermicide. Only six to eight hours of community you can remove the diaphragm. With your GP or doctor at Rutgers House can be measured in a pessary. It examines the right size for you. A diaphragm does not protect you against STDs or AIDS.

Disadvantages of the diaphragm

     You must be at least 6 hours after pessary intercourse leave
     the diaphragm in the Netherlands increasingly difficult to obtain
     You must own the diaphragm insertion, some women do not like
the Pill

There are different types of pills. All species contain substances (hormones) that ensure that no pregnancy can occur. These are the hormones estrogen and / or progesterone. Progestogen is the substance that prevents pregnancy, estrogen keeps the cycle going so that monthly bleeding.

The pilsoorten differ regarding the amount of estrogen and progestin per pill. The pill prevents ovulation (ovulation) and makes the cervical mucus less accessible to sperm. The pill makes the lining of the womb lining unsuitable for implantation of the egg.

Previously contained the hormone pill more, there are also over time more and more types of pills on the market. There are two groups:

Benefits of the Pill

     The pill is very reliable
     The pill is easy to use
     You are protected all month (even in stop week)
     The pill makes periods more regular and lighter

Disadvantages of the Pill

     You can use the first few months have side effects such as headaches, weight gain and mood swings.
     You must remember the pill every day to take
     The pill can raise blood pressure, especially in older women

The contraceptive patch is a thin, flexible skin patch of approximately 4.5 by 4.5 cm. The patch protects against pregnancy by hormones (estrogen and progestin) through your skin, your body gradually be issued.
The patch gives you a regular, monthly menses. Postponing menstruation is possible.

The patch consists of three layers:

     outer, protective layer, polyester, beige in color;
     middle layer, the active ingredients, and including adhesive, containing 0.75 mg ethinyl estradiol (EE) and 6.0 mg norelgestromin (17-d norgestimate);
     inner layer, a transparent polyester film to protect the active layer in the package, this movie is deleted when the patch is stuck onto the skin.

The advantage of this patch is that it only once a week have to be stuck. The pregnancy rate when used as directed: 0.59 - that's about as reliable as the regular pill.
The patch can sometimes cause skin irritation and possible side effects of the patch are similar to the pill.
The first patch you stick on the first day of your period or three weeks after the birth of your baby.

The cervix-cap is a silicone cap that is placed on the cervix. The cap should be used with a spermicide. The cap closes off the cervix and prevents sperm can enter the uterus. The portiokapje Femcap or a purely mechanical method of contraception and you use it portiokapje only if you have sex.

Unlike the diaphragm need not be the portiokapje be measured. There are three standard sizes:

for women who have not been pregnant

women who have been pregnant but had not given birth by the natural way

for women who have given birth (along the natural way)
the contraceptive injection

The injection is given once in the twelve weeks given by injection into the buttock. The contraceptive injection is, like the mini pill, progestin only. This hormone is gradually being given your blood. Furthermore, it provides contraceptive injection like the usual pill that:

ovulation is prevented or delayed
a fertilized egg is not in the uterus

The advantage of this means is that you do not need a pill every day to swallow. So you can not forget.

Disadvantages of injections
Not everyone likes an injection. The injection shows irregular but often less blood loss and may even stop altogether.
Injections may have the same effects as the pill and the injection works as long (12 weeks) can you be affected. The injection by a doctor or nurse should be administered.

The IUD is a plastic object of a few centimeters by a doctor or gynecologist will be placed into the uterus. It is shaped like a T or anchor. The IUD has been around since the fifties, and over the years continually improved.
The coil is wound with copper. This ensures that you are not pregnant. The buyer disappears issued every month with your menstrual outside. There are also copper IUDs but without work based on hormones.

The IUD inhibits sperm motility and prevents an egg so that they can achieve and the IUD prevents an egg in the womb can nest. Some IUDs secrete a small amount of hormone for added safety.

Advantages of the IUD
The advantage of the IUD is that as long as there are no symptoms, five years or longer stay. The reliability approaching that of the pill.

Disadvantages of the IUD

     The IUD must be inserted by a doctor (and removed) are
     through the coil, the more intense and painful menstruation
     The IUD can cause inflammation in the beginning
     you have no control over your period
Female Condom

The female condom is a transparent bag of 17 cm, made ​​of strong material. The most famous brand female condom, Femidom ® is made ​​of very thin polyurethane. The condom has an inner and an outer ring. The inner ring and most of the plastic bag in the vagina. The outer ring covers the labia. The reliability is similar to the male condom increased from a pre-spermicidal preparation to insert the sheath.

The advantage of the female condom is that you well before you have sex in the vagina can bring and you do not immediately take off after intercourse. You also have a girl or woman, in control of preventing pregnancy, AIDS and STIs.