Monday, December 26, 2011

"Only definition of ADHD"

A major cause of ADHD is a hypersensitivity to normal diet. Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD are so dire need of renovation. That says researcher Lynn Pelsser the ADHD Research Centre.

ADHD is the most common childhood psychiatric disorder. The exact cause is unclear, probably hereditary and environmental factors play a role.

Treatment consists mainly of medication yet. More research into the cause of ADHD is urgently needed so that it can be prevented, Pelsser writes in her thesis.

From this and earlier studies indicate that ADHD and defiant and insolent behavior in sixty percent of children are caused by ordinary food.

Earlier this year Pelsser published the results of its investigation into the effects of a special diet, the diet-RED, the leading scientific journal The Lancet.

RED Diet

The RED-diet is a diet of individual footing. All foods that children might respond, they may not eat for five weeks. This allows you to determine whether diet influences behavior.

If so, individual foods one by one again added to the diet. Then turns to what specific foods an individual child reacts with ADHD behaviors.

Pelsser argues that the current definition of ADHD no longer meet. These should be replaced by food-induced (FI) on the one hand and classic ADHD ADHD on the other, depending on the reaction of the child to the RED-diet.


"The effect of diet on ADHD appears to be greater than the effect of medication. Moreover, the diet throughout the day, while medication in the morning is not yet operational and evening already been worked out." Pelsser says.

Therefore, the diet according to its standard to be applied in the diagnosis of ADHD. With sixty percent of the children will then show that there is FI-ADHD, and these children would adjust their diet should be part of the treatment.


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