Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All about fat

On the sugar content in blood fat has no effect. But of course, on body weight. And just like people with type 2 diabetes often have too much. Who is fat to risk, not only that the diabetes is getting worse.

Obesity can also be responsible for high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke. Therefore, you should ban fatty foods from your refrigerator.

Change your diet you prefer: fish frequently instead of meat on the table, pour in the salad, you do not milk cans, but vegetable oil. How to eat unsaturated fatty acids, and are healthy. Because of the intestine can not digest it well.

Meat & Fish

A nice piece of lean meat or a tender filet of fish can diabetics eat naturally. Because protein is healthy, and proteins do not affect the amount of sugar in the blood. Nevertheless, protein does work for the kidneys. In healthy individuals there is no problem. But at ten percent of diabetics, renal function is impaired. You should be meat and fish, cheese curds and therefore eat only in moderation.

Are you one of those ten percent, you must be especially careful. Experts recommend a maximum of 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. For a 80 kilogram adult, the 64 grams daily. The beef, for example, put in 500 grams or 300 grams of fat curd.

Your kidneys are already damaged so much that you need for dialysis, but you need more protein: For the dialysis, the body loses protein. Experts advise in these cases, to eat 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily. That means for a 80-pound adult: 96 grams of protein per day on the plate.

How many carbs are ok?

Carbohydrates are the fuel for our bodies: they deliver the sugar that our cells need to live. This applies to people with diabetes as well as for healthy individuals. But is not the same carbohydrate carbohydrate: The different types are broken down quickly by the body differently.

Carbohydrates, for example, they whole-wheat, rice or fruit, are nothing else than a long, flavor-neutral sugar chains. Enzymes in the body, cut the chains into their component parts, into sugar molecules. And because the chopping takes the sweet packets arrive only little by little into the blood. Consequently, the sugar level rises in the blood at a slow pace.

Sugar, maltose and lactose must not be broken down in size. They decay rapidly to glucose. The sugar molecules go smoothly then quite quickly through the intestinal wall into the blood: the blood sugar level up fast in a short time. This is true not just for candy and cohorts. Also, soft drinks, fruit juices or sweets containing such sugar molecules.
Snacking is always allowed

Experts recommend that about half the calories come from carbohydrate-rich foods should. This means that a piece of cake or chocolate you can eat in any case. It is important to keep only to measure. General rule: The sweeter the food, the more insulin your body needs.

Look in nutrition tables: There is exactly which foods have how much carbohydrate units or units of bread. KE or BE A corresponds to 10 to 12 grams of sugar. So much sugar substances, for example, half a slice of brown bread, a slice of toast, half a banana, an apple, a small potato or two slices of crisp bread.

Tips for Overweight

Most people with type 2 diabetes are overweight. The more pounds stick to the ribs, the lower the body's cells respond to the hormone insulin - and the more sugar that circulates in the blood. Weight loss is therefore the treatment of diabetes.

Worst of all, too much body fat on the belly. But even fat deposits that sit somewhere else, can make diabetic: These fat cells produce a number of neurotransmitters that is affecting the brain and thereby change the metabolism.
Let the fat away!

Because too much fat the body makes diabetic or make matters worse, people pay with diabetes should be careful not to increase further: too many calories already grasp the ailing metabolism even more. Moreover, in addition to the glucose balance even the fat metabolism may become confused and thereby increase the blood pressure.

Nutritional experts recommend that diabetic patients are too thick, therefore, to save on fat and calories. At best, you so leave out a lot of calories that you take off. The quickest, if you eat healthy and move around too much.

Also, make a nutrition plan. You advise your treating physician or a diabetes consultant. Furthermore offer diabetes centers, community colleges or consumer nutrition training centers.

Nibbles and nibbles permitted

diabetic products or sugar substitutes, you can forget - no matter whether you have diabetes or type 1 of type 2. It is only important that you eat healthy and balanced.

On your table should have plenty of fruit and salad, vegetables and whole grains are preferred on your plate, lean meats and low-fat fish may not be missing from your diet. Then your body gets all the important nutrients it needs.

Can neatly tuck in all diabetic patients, even when they inject themselves with insulin or tablets to swallow so-called sulfonyl-ureas or glinides. However, you should pay attention to the carbohydrates in their food so they can tailor the drug dose and the consumption of sugar each.
Count with, so you know, what you eat

Many foods such as wholemeal bread or potatoes are healthy, but contain carbohydrates in the form of starch that the body converts into glucose. This glucose goes directly into the blood and increases the sugar level tremendously. Therefore, you should check with foods that contain starch, always ask: How much carbohydrate units (KE), or how much bread Units (BU) are there?

Carbohydrate units and bread-way units are just two different names for one and the same thing: Both units comply with ten to twelve grams of carbohydrates. How much sugar and how much starch in a food is stuck in nutritional tables. This includes nearly all major food list - along with their amount of sugar in KE or BE.

Vegetables you can feed unrestrained - aside from the starch storing potatoes and sweet corn. All other vegetables do not affect the amount of sugar in the blood. However, fruit contains sugar, but let apple, pear and Co. the blood sugar value is not as fast to skyrocket like potatoes.

Apple has its limits

Steve Jobs gets to feel, what do Bill Gates a long time: Success is not necessarily popular.

Talk about timing: In a few days, Apple boss Steve Jobs in San Francisco appear before the press and, it is rumored to introduce the latest collection of iPods. More beautiful and better conjurers are natural, maybe cheaper, maybe even more expensive, the rumors are chefs from the blogger community is not there quite agree, probably, but the sixth-generation iPods have larger screens, so you can play videos better.

And just at that moment it crashes quite formidable between Apple and NBC Universal, one of the major content suppliers for the iTunes store. The Hollywood company demands more money and threatens to make hit shows like "Heroes" and "Battlestar Galactica" from the iTunes inventory. Although Apple sells far more music than TV series - in the first half of a billion songs, compared with about 50 million TV shows, estimates Forrester Research. But nearly 40 percent of all programs that are downloaded on iTunes, come from NBC.

So far, every show will cost $ 1.99, regardless of which transmitter popular, no matter what. NBC apparently does not fit the bill: The company wanted, according to Apple to ask for $ 4.99 per episode. That would be about $ 100 for an entire season, which typically consists of 22 to 24 episodes. In other words, NBC wants to cash in on iTunes twice to three times what the same shows usually bring to DVD.

That's greedy and insolent, no question. But Apple has to fight with NBC, and therefore insist on its own terms? Why not try it, if there are actually people who are willing to pay top five U.S. dollars (currently € 3.70) of an item on the table, they charge also could look elsewhere - as usual in the evening? (. The only other country where Apple does offer TV series, is now the UK - where each item will cost 1.89 pounds, about 2.80 €) If there are only a few, NBC will surely soon relent on its own, so in the market economy.

I'm not sure why Apple instead it uses a gauntlet tactic. The simplest explanation seems Steve Jobs' desire to be famous, or infamous, to control the entire Apple offer itself, and even the smallest details. All those who want to work with the 52-year-old computer pioneer, must be prepared to them the conditions are dictated - the iPhone partner AT & T did not even look like the device would, as the contract was signed, and also T According to FTD-Mobile was one of enormous concessions.

But recently is stirring opposition. The record bosses began to grumble at first. 99 cents per song, in the U.S. as in Europe, rich, them long gone, and they want already sufficiently correct when it hits and sometimes may even sell off Clerks. Apple argues that flexible rates would only confuse, and is being stubborn. Result: In July, announced that Universal Music, the world's largest music company, Apple's friendship. Once the current contract expires, to songs by artists such as Eminem, Sting and Gwen Stefani are only available from case to case with iTunes. At the same time wants to offer its Universal music for free elsewhere, such as the site Spiralfrog, which hopes to finance itself through advertising.

This will bring jobs to barely sleep: iTunes has captured a market share of about 80 percent, which means that four out of five songs that are purchased digitally derived from the Apple store.

Who is so strong, who believes himself so superior, probably sees no reason to make concessions and negotiate. But Jobs would be well advised to think back to times when he had once felt very safe and superior in its role as a pioneer and market leader. That was in 1981 when IBM introduced its first own PC and therefore pushed forward on a territory that Apple had been largely for themselves. ".. Welcome, IBM, Seriously" Apple rang out full-page ads - the market is big enough to be called that, and anyway we know better what people want.

So you can be wrong. Apple today that it even still exist, that the company is more successful than ever, it certainly owes mainly to their boss and co-founder Steve Jobs. But now it needs to be seen whether the man who was smart enough not to imprison the iPod in the Macintosh niche, is also smart enough to keep the peace with its partners.

Lack of competition does not exist - for example, Nokia has just launched its own download service, but there is a lack of new partners. The movie offer from the iTunes store (in any case can only be found in the U.S.) is still rather meager. While the record labels were initially quick to join in on iTunes to see if there was a remedy against music pirates, Hollywood holds back noticeably. The films in the Apple video store stem mainly from a single studio: Walt Disney.

Whose largest shareholder is Steve Jobs. With the least there should be no trouble in working.

All for all and all for one

On you and you with Mr. Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, the man who now wants to compete against Google. With the help of the world.

The nice thing about living in San Francisco is not the weather. Most people believe that the sun always seems the people here and most of the time lying on the beach - after all we are talking about California. And then they get flown to run in shorts and T-shirts through the city and away from the ubiquitous cold summer fog various body parts. All these people had said you are better off in Florida, Las Vegas or San Diego.

No, the beauty of San Francisco - next to the Golden Gate, Sausalito and Tiburon, Angel Iceland, Berkeley and many other things that have nothing to do with the topic of this blog - are the proximity to Silicon Valley and the fact that there are facilities such as the Commonwealth Club is. In this venerable institution, now 101 years old, look past all sorts of exciting people, give lectures and giving interviews, and if you're lucky, you can chat to them afterwards to say hello and a little bit.

Jimmy Wales on Wednesday was at the Commonwealth Club, the founder of Wikipedia. He sat in a chair on stage and corresponded entirely to the image of the inconspicuous Internet mogul, as he was recently described in the magazine "Fast Company": a 40-year-old former Wall Street trader, soon came to prosperity, it is can afford to run his online encyclopedia project as a lover. (Wikipedia is a nonprofit foundation, and Wales receives no salary.) Jimmy Donal Wales this loves it casually, called like "Jimbo", speaks in a gentle voice, never misses an opportunity to rave with glowing eyes of his young daughter, and ostentatiously wearing no shirt, but a T-shirt under the jacket.

But there is a second Jimmy Wales - one that just does not like sitting still without a jacket and trousers on stage and its ambitions by the success of Wikipedia is far from satisfied. This Jimmy Wales, the former financial manager, has big steps: First, he wants his company Wikia - can earn the money, can and should, unlike the Wikipedia Foundation - to build a kind of digital publishing community. He calls it "the rest of the library to fill" - where the role of the Great Wikipedia, the Brockhaus' takes and the many, many wikis that arise just from around the world, meet the individual books in the library.

There are (according to Wikipedia) is currently over 3000 wikis in over 50 languages, on a wide range of topics, ranging from autism on Lego and the Muppets to World of Warcraft - currently the most popular wiki of all. "It's fantastic, what with things the rest of the library is filled," says the head of a member, means for each new topic you money, because it allowed his company to all the wiki pages that fill its users to view . switch

Ironically, these ads are marketed through Google - precisely those company who wants to take Wales into the next sighting, with a search engine that operates on the principle of community. About the way he did, unfortunately, less than elicit the why: "For me there is almost a political statement," said Wales. "It is a statement about what we should expect as a citizen of the world of search engines that direct most of the traffic on the Internet." Google, Yahoo & Co. are hermetically sealed for him, companies that can not look at the cards - what it must be said, good reasons are: The search engines keep the methods by which they evaluate and Hit List, and even so largely secret because there are far too many operators of websites out there that try to artificially boost its popularity, so as to make the hit list next to land up.
Wales is believed that search engine spamming is the lesser evil and overcome with the help of the community makes. "We should have some degree of openness, transparency, and opportunity to get involved expect," he cautions. "All this is extremely important." So why now to begin his attempt at a sort of "Wikihoogle" search engine against the established competition. "I think we can build something, and I want the web community comes together to try it," says Wales. The "Fast Company" has already declaring him to "Google's worst nightmare" is, but then it unpleasant. "My mother bought the same ten books," Wales told the audience into laughter at the Commonwealth Club, "but I feel in this role as a Google killer probably not." Right now stand, the project "at the very beginning."

Klein has also started, however once his Wikipedia, and look at what's become of it: More than six million records in over 130 languages, the online encyclopedia one day and on the number of visitors is counted as the ninth most popular site on the Internet. Well, 280,000 people participate in the project in one way or another - a voluntary, unpaid. The Wikimedia Foundation, which keeps the busy site running, while only seven employees. "The ninth-largest site, with seven full-time jobs, which is a ratio, with no one else can match", is pleased to Wales.

However, the popularity has a downside: The cost for the computers that store all the dictionary entries, and the data lines that serve all the visitors - these costs are rising as fast as the popularity of Wikipedia. Last year was the Wikimedia Foundation spent about a million dollars, "primarily for hardware and data traffic," and this year it will probably be two to three million. Nevertheless, Wales is not worried that the foundation could slip into the Meanies - he had so many friends in Silicon Valley, he said following his official website that he actually would run only with the collection bag through the valley of the art to provide sufficient raise money, it should sometime be tight. But then it does not currently see out anyway, because the donations grow as well.

Whether he, a successful Wall Street man and entrepreneur who Wikimedia Stifung also give yourself a little, I wanted to know. Wales hesitated for a moment, smiled mischievously and said: "Money is not - just my life." Again true.

Full service at half price

Unsuspecting sellers of electric chains - in the U.S. may also have advantages.

Sunday is shopping day in America. Flutter out of the newspapers, such as a Christmas goose fat, the readers receive dozens of advertising inserts, and particularly the electronics and office-chains vie with special offers. Since applying Best Buy, a Gateway laptop for $ 500 ("Save $ 200 Instantly!"), Are at CompUSA are digital picture frames for $ 60 ("Save $ 40"), and Office Depot promises calculator buyers a FREE neoprene sleeve as a bonus ("a $ 7.99 value").

I needed a memory card for my new digital camera and found it at Circuit City: 2 Gigabyte SanDisk Ultra II for just under $ 30 - "save 33% instantly!" Not a bad deal, especially since the store is located just a few hundred meters away from my apartment. I immediately went over on Sunday morning, for the good deals are often sold on the first day - as is the case is just as loss-leading offers.

It did not look good. Everything possible was hanging on the wall: Compact Flash cards, Sony memory sticks, XD, MicroSD - just not what I was looking for. "May be, that we no longer have the card," said the salesman. "A lot of people order them early in the morning on the Internet to collect the stuff later, and then we need to take them off the shelf." He saw a precaution after the computer and disappeared with the words: "Actually, we should still have two in stock, I look back sometimes."

Time passed, and my gaze wandered back to the wall on which hung the many different memory cards - the most, as it turned out, not necessarily where they belonged. CF cards were labeled as SD card, excellent 1-gigabyte card with 2-gigabyte, and hardly ever a sign to fit the product that allegedly hung there. Middle of the mess I found a SanDisk Extreme III card in their hands - even faster than the ones I tried, but certainly a lot more expensive too. The price tag of $ 24.95 saying. That could not agree. Someone had hung up the goods rather blindly, without bothering about whether the prices matched.

The seller came back, put on a sad look and said, "Sorry, we're all out" - sold out completely. OK, I said, and what about this card? It says here that it will cost 24.95 ...? The seller took the card out of my hand, looked at it, winced and said: "Um, the price is not right ..." I knew it, I thought. "... But there you have it that way on the shelf, we will stick to it."

He arrived quickly at the wrong price tag and pulled it out of the plastic holder to prevent anyone else got a very special book. And I paid $ 24.95 (plus VAT) for a memory card, which would normally cost $ 65. Sometimes you just love them, the anonymous electronic superstores, with their often unsuspecting employees. Anyway, as long as they make mistakes in favor of their clients. And no offense, dear German retail chains - but I doubt that Media Markt & Co. in such a case would have been as accommodating. Or should I deceive myself because ...?

The doctor wants to know

Some people with diabetes feel weak and tired, others need to drink constantly and therefore constantly on the toilet. Such symptoms may be signs of diabetes. Maybe you feel bad to see. You may smell your breath a little nail polish remover or ripe apples. Or you itch in the genital area - even that may indicate diabetes. Talk to your doctor. Although diabetes is preparing first no pain or discomfort. But he remains untreated, it can damage the body strong.

You may have a particularly high risk of developing diabetes - because you have been suffering from diabetes in the family or are overweight. The risk is also increased if you have high blood pressure. Women who had a pregnancy or a child with diabetes for more than four and a half pounds birth weight were given, are also at risk.
Creeping process

First, your doctor will talk with you in order to get a picture of your situation. He will ask whether your weight has changed, what you eat and what diseases occur in your family. She also wants to know what medications you take and how resilient you are. He knows the risk factors for diabetes and therefore asks for your blood pressure.

Diabetes does not develop over night. Even in advanced stages, the symptoms are not always clear. Explain why your symptoms in detail and very accurate. If the doctor has to know everything important, he will decide what tests are necessary.

Sex Problems

Diabetics can have problems during sex. It is not so much the will that causes them difficulties, but rather the skill. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction, in women the vagina is not moist so the act is painful. The love that makes life difficult.

And that is not so rare: for example, 20 percent of impotent diabetics of type 1, among the over 70-year-olds this applies to almost everyone. Of course, also be according to the potency in healthy men with age. In diabetics, but the problems start earlier and usually lead to complete loss of stamina.

Cause of the nerve, the deserted by the excess sugar in the blood. Because even the sexual organs are supplied by nerves - otherwise we could feel nothing there. In diabetic clitoris and penis stop responding to sexual stimuli, as usual, the erotic message is not transmitted to the brain.

Lacking the brain stimulation, it can not ensure that the sexual organs are well supplied with blood and swell. Men get an erection and therefore less likely they lack stamina. In women, the labia swell of no more, the glands produce too little moisture.

Diabetics experience this as emotionally distressing. Talk with your partner or your partner openly about the problem. The important thing is mutual empathy and trust. And keep in mind that there are other ways to experience erotic with each other.

Diabetic Foot: heal wounds NICH

All people with diabetes are able to open sores on the feet. They arise because the veins are clogged there. Then all meat gets to this point have enough nutrients and oxygen, with the time it dies. This drama takes place in some cases, almost unnoticed, because the nerve deserted there, too slow and not forward any more pain signals to the brain.

Usually it all starts innocently: you wear new shoes that rub against the heel a little. A pressure point is created. The falls on any further, because the foot is already on many diabetics become insensitive to pain. May consist of minor injuries initially a deep, infected wound caused because the foot is poor circulation. The body heals with difficulty or not.

The skin can therefore defend against bad bacteria or fungi. Thus, the wound is inflamed even further. Often also from the surrounding tissue dies. The injury may then ignite even the bone and the bone marrow. At worst, the toe or the foot be amputated. About three to four percent of diabetics suffer from this so-called diabetic foot, at about one percent, it must be amputated.

Neuropathy: nerve deserted

Excess sugar in the blood damages all nerves in the body. The sweet substance damages the nerve cells, not directly, but indirectly: people with diabetes suffer from blocked and leaky veins. Do not enter the bloodstream properly, get enough nutrients and enough oxygen molecules into nerve cells, the nerve starve, eventually they die.

The first happened at the very fine branching nerve fibers in the skin that transmit pain signals and touch stimuli. Are these delicate nerves destroyed, you may feel a tingling sensation, although nothing is crawling. Perhaps you feel nothing more: The place has become deaf.
Stabbed in the foot, fire in the toes

Most of the nerve disorder starts at the toes and feet: First, you only feel a tingling sensation. Later, pain go like stitches in the foot. It burns like fire, the blanket weighs like lead on you. Over time, toes and feet feel numb. They accept these authorities do neither heat nor cold.

They already have a deaf spot? Then the danger is great that you injure yourself without realizing it. In the patients affected with very high blood sugar is especially bad because their wounds heal poorly and can therefore ignite. Then come moist, open places. Often the nerves of the sweat glands are damaged. Dry feet and calluses are thickened skin with a sure sign it.
Sugar can paralyze even the entire body lay control

Not only small nerves may also be particularly important to the excess sugar perish. Among the most important nerve cells include, for example those that control our body: they determine the heartbeat or the interaction between the stomach and intestines.

Such nerves are not supplied properly, the heart beats too fast perhaps. As in such cases is usually already degraded the nerves for the perception of pain are, even a heart attack go unnoticed - and fatal.

Often maltreat the underserved and nervous stomach and intestine: for example, diarrhea or constipation. The fibers then stimulate the bowel either too much or too little. The same can also play in the stomach. After the meal, can cause nausea and bloating. To avoid this, you should keep your blood sugar close to normal. These complaints, however, can have quite different causes - such as a stomach ulcer. Go with these symptoms, so dear to the doctor.

Retinopathy: Eye blindness

The duration of diabetes may cost his eyesight. About 11 percent of diabetes patients have become blind eye damage, 0.3 percent of all diabetics. Your eyesight fades, because tiny clogged arteries in the body, known as capillaries. They handed over all organs, including the eyes, nutrients and oxygen from the blood. Too much sugar in the blood can increase the inner walls of these small veins, they become leaky and thicker at the same time, until they eventually do their duty no longer can.

Of these, you feel nothing at first. But over time the holes in the walls of the capillaries so great that they let through material that should better stay in the blood: red blood cells and proteins maraud now through the eyeball. The more cores are destroyed in the retina of the eye, the stronger grow new capillaries. Because the eye is desperately trying to feed themselves. Nevertheless, the visual acuity decreases more and more.

Because the blood vessels proliferate everywhere, even in the interior of the eye, the vitreous humor. These new vessels can tear down quickly. Then the blood flows into the vitreous humor and clouds the view very strongly. The growths on the retina can heal and also tug at her. By this train, the retina may even detach from the underlying choroid. Then dies from the retina, blindness is the result.

It may also happen that get fluid and blood leaking from the capillaries to the point of sharpest vision, the so-called macula. It is located in the center of the retina and is full of visual cells. These so-called diabetic maculopathy and visual cells can destroy the blind.

Nephropathy: renal failure

Keep our kidneys clean the blood, they filter waste products, salts and toxins from the unpleasant elements infiltrate into the urine. Also, excess sugar molecules seventh out our twin organ. But in people with diabetes, the kidneys are of the excess of sugar eventually overwhelmed, they fail.

Because the fine sugar molecules stick to the micro-structures of the kidney: the renal and Nierenkapillaren sweeten over time, literally. The tissue swells and gets meshed filter leaks. Therefore, the kidney excretes at some point also substances that our body actually needs more, for example, important proteins. The kidney is damaged, the blood pressure rises in the veins. A vicious circle begins: the higher the blood pressure, the faster the kidney dies. More and more desolate the small glomeruli, the blood is rarely cleaned. The kidneys eventually fail completely and fall. Then the only solution is dialysis, a machine that washes the blood so the body is not poisoned itself.

Angiopathy: clogged arteries

If the sugar content of the blood constantly clog up the blood vessels. Although the lines can be closed even in healthy people. But in people with diabetes that happens much earlier, more frequent and stronger.
First, the walls of the blood vessels are getting fatter. Then store lumps of lime and fat from so-called plaques, on the inner walls. This makes the veins close to these places, the blood flowing past it is not rushing, but squeezes along the obstacle. As a result there is less blood flow, tissue and organs are then not well supplied with nutrients and oxygen.

On the plaque, the blood clot even. Then develop blood clots, called thrombi. They will not dissolve again, but stick and flutter like scraps for a while in the bloodstream. Eventually they break off and float on the river for a while until they get stuck in a small, thin wire: They are too thick to get ahead. Then this small artery is clogged with clots.
Blood clots block the arteries

Of them may die in the course of time the tissue that is supplied by the artery: the flesh rots and must be amputated. In diabetic patients amputated for this reason, in the worst case, toes or feet.

Life's dangerous is when a blood clot blocked vital veins. These include the blood vessels that supply the heart with oxygen and food: the so-called coronary arteries. Then threatened with a heart attack. Also, the veins that supply the brain with all the important, vital. Blocked a brain artery or the carotid artery can lead to stroke.

Sugar takes up time but also tiny veins, called capillaries. This incredibly small blood vessels pass to all the organs of the nutrients and oxygen. Damage to the capillaries can lead to different sequelae, such as kidney failure or impaired vision.


People with diabetes know that is harmful to a lot of sugar in the blood. But not all know that a real overdose of the sweet substance, hyperglycaemia, they can slip into a coma. This is life-threatening diabetic coma.

Your body can sweeten if you eat too many sweets or cram too many foods in themselves, which contain much starch. They then inject too little insulin or take a little of your tablets, you get one big problem: Your body can not cope with this high level of sugar in the blood.

If you add sugar, you feel tired and weak, are shaky. Sometimes you are also sick. At the same time you must be pretty thirsty, and constantly on the toilet. Because the kidneys try to flush the sugar with water to back out of the body. Your bladder fills up so quickly, while the body literally dries up. Therefore, your body sends the signal thirst.
On sugars, bad, your breath smells like nail varnish

Meanwhile, starving the cells of your body. To survive, the organism reaches back on fats, which lay in his bacon-saving. These fats converts it into sugar molecules. This produces ketones. These molecules acidify the blood. Eliminated they are via the lungs, so the air you exhale. Then your breath smells of rotten fruit or nail polish remover. For type 1 diabetics, this means: Red Alert!
When excess sugar is only one thing: Insulin

Dizziness is the precursor of unconsciousness! Do you notice this symptom, you should immediately inject insulin. Otherwise you might slip into diabetic coma. Without insulin, the sugar does not get into the cells but remains in the blood.

Is your blood sugar level is too high in the long run, will threaten not only severe damage to nerves and kidneys. Your body literally sugared. Everywhere in the tissue is deposited from the sweet substance, and then ruined eyes and veins.

hypoglycemia information

Too much sugar in the blood means diabetes. But too little of the sweet substance in the bloodstream is not healthy. Then add sugar to your body. When a person applies hypoglycaemic if he has less than 50 milligrams in a deciliter of blood sugar body. That's about half a pinch of powdered sugar in a liter of blood.

People with diabetes can develop low blood sugar, because they may have injected too much insulin or because they have taken too much of their drugs. You may also therefore too little sugar in their blood circulates, because they have not thought that the body during exercise or stress consumes much more energy than normal sugar, and they therefore do not reduce your insulin dose.

You know when you add sugar under: you might have a furry feeling around the mouth. Might tingle your fingers and lips. You will probably be quite nervous and shaky, start sweating, your heart starts to race. At the same time you feel hungry for everything that is edible.

Eventually, the sugar level in blood is so low that your brain cells have almost no energy left and start off slowly. You can then concentrate any more, it's as if you were slightly drunk. Do you have difficulty speaking, you mumble, swallow whole syllables. Continue to take the Zuckernot, will ausknipsen your brain: you become unconscious.
Drink a glass of Coke!

So you do not tip over, you should quickly take action if you feel hypo. Eat glucose tablets or four, better yet, drink a glass of cola, lemonade or fruit juice sweetened. Because sugar is dissolved in water flows more quickly into the body.

Incidentally, you should eat in hypoglycaemia or not to drink light products. Such foods contain sweeteners or sugar substitutes that you use in this case nothing. You need real sugar!
Emergency call: that fainted!

You are already folded, soda or spoonful of sugar but are no longer sufficient to free you from fainting. On the contrary, you should be friends or relatives no longer inspire, because unconscious person can swallow a sudden - they screw up, they can later get pneumonia. Instead, friends or relatives you flip in the recovery position, and if you wear tight clothes, they open so you can breathe freely. And then immediately call an ambulance!

In addition, type 1 diabetics always carry an emergency kit with them. It also includes a glucagon injection. Glucagon is a hormone from the pancreas gland that stimulates the body to release sugar from its storage depot: The sugar in the blood level rises again. Glucagon should be injected directly into the muscles. This emergency syringe, you can enter in your state but no longer own. If you get the emergency kit, you show why a relative or best friend, as he deals with it.
A full noise is prohibited!

Live dangerously low blood sugar, you can also, if you drink more than one or two glasses of alcohol. Wine, beer and liquor can indeed ascend to the level of sugar in the blood. But at the same time employs the alcohol your liver so much that they come to nothing. So not normal to their job: to get out of their stores, and sugars into the blood.

Because you ASAP body lacks this sugar from the liver, with sugar as you can. Have you been drinking a lot of neat, you're liable to get violent seizures or even faint. For the rest, especially your brain suffers from lack of sugar. Can the bacon fat from depots of the body not burn it - because our attic feeds exclusively on sugar.

Sugar kills slowly

What's going on inside me? This question is extremely important for people with diabetes. For as soon as too much sugar floating in their bloodstream, he ravaged the body: the sweet substance can clog arteries, nerves become desolate, damage kidneys and eyes. Therefore, diabetics should constantly monitor their blood glucose levels and ensure that it remains in almost normal range.

What is the sugar level in your blood, you should also know yet another reason: Because you can sweeten with sugar or. Both have dangerous consequences: the case of low blood sugar can be quickly passed out. And glide in a hyperglycemia even after some time into a coma.

Because the risk of over-and hypoglycemia, there is always - even if you conscientiously check - you should talk with your friends and relatives about your diabetes. You should inform you, what they must do if you fall over.

Also, you should learn in a special diabetes training, everything about your illness. Because it requires a lot of attention: go watch your body, you are not careless with small cracks in the skin or sores around - they heal in diabetic patients much worse and can easily ignite.

Also, your partner or your partner should know what it means to be diabetic. May result from the metabolic disorder problems during sex. Talk to your doctor about your thoughts and fears. A diabetologist has an open ear for it, of course.

Experts saying about diabetes

I have type 2 diabetes Can I undo the disease?

It depends on the individual case. For example, when a heavily overweight, inactive people are those who drink a lot of sweet drinks, you should change your lifestyle and lose weight - then disappear again in diabetes. Basically you can say that obesity plays an enormous role, because it limits the effectiveness of insulin. In half of the diabetics is the fact that they have a strong genetic component. Thus their insulin production is limited. Anyone who is overweight, or moves very little carbohydrates takes a lot to himself, needs more insulin, than his body can produce. Who answers, will be physically active and eat less carbohydrates, can bring the sugar in the early days of diabetes to disappear again.
To which I must pay damages, if I'm diabetic?

Ten percent of all patients with type 2 diabetes develop neuropathy. These are nerve damage, associated with numbness and pose a great risk for ulcers on the feet and legs. Twelve per cent of retinopathy occurs. This is a disease of the retina, the seeing strongly affected and can lead to blindness. Sequelae but depend heavily on how well the blood glucose is controlled.
Is it true that sleep can trigger type 2 diabetes?

Sleep apnea promotes diabetes. In this disease, breathing pauses during sleep and arousals occur in the body, prevent the deep sleep phases. In addition, changing the so-called circadian rhythms. We have a number of genes that regulate the timing of our body processes. They regulate sleep and wakefulness, but also our Essrhythmus. Today we see a very close connection between sleep rhythms, obesity and diabetes. If you know someone else is three days less than four hours sleep, he gets an insulin resistance as a diabetic. That's because you confuse the circadian rhythms and the time of day dependent insulin sensitivity. Disorders like sleep apnea alter the energy balance. They increase the risk of being fat, and the risk of getting diabetes.

Tipps for diabetes

You miss a tablet? Do not panic! Measure your sugar in the blood or urine. If it is too high, try to push it by eating less or skipped a meal can be. Take the tablet, not a later date.

If you are hypoglycaemic, and have no glucose available, you just drink a soda or a sugary soda. But no diet cola or juices diabetics: in such drinks put no carbs, but only sweeteners that can not increase your sugar content in blood.

Perhaps the diagnosis of diabetes new to you. Then you do not know what it feels like a hypo. Play this situation by the presence of your doctor - so you get a feel for the typical signs, while you lose the fear.
Do not drive hypoglycaemic!

Whether you need tablets or insulin: in the glove compartment of your car you should carry glucose and some biscuits to hand. How to survive a traffic jam or breakdown without hypoglycemia.

Check your car before each sugar in the blood. Immediately stop when you realize during the trip that you are hypoglycaemic. You should not drive more then control. Eat your emergency ration of glucose and wait until your blood sugar level is back to normal. Only then can you proceed. If you are taking only glucose-lowering pill metformin, you can not get hypoglycemia.


You should do everything we can to lower your blood sugar level. What kind of treatment the doctor will suggest, depends on your personal characteristics. If you are too thick for example, and generally move too little, is the maxim: avoid sugary foods lose weight, and move more. All this lowers the sugar level in blood. Maybe this enough - you do not need pills or injections.

Does your diet and exercise program does not work, the doctor will prescribe medication. Tablets come into question, however, only if your body still produces insulin itself. There are different tablets with different active ingredients, they put on at different points in the body. Sulphonyl ureas such as glyburide or glimepiride to stimulate the pancreas to about to release more insulin. The drug metformin, however, supports the hormone insulin in their work.

If tablets are sufficient for you, you can even consider using a urine test. If the test strip in urine sugar, your blood sugar level is too high. Then the last meal was too big or your medication is not enough. Maybe the doctor will then recommend a higher dose or a different therapy.
Terminus of insulin? No!

Tablets can not lower your blood sugar level high enough, you have to get used to the idea to inject insulin. This also applies if your pancreas to produce insulin has been discontinued.

The range of insulins is large: There are natural and synthetic, fast-acting and long lasting. Some diabetics have to inject only for meals, others are the regular morning and evening injections. Others inject insulin and take additional pills.

Many people with diabetes are afraid that there is no going back more, once they have injected insulin. But that's not true. If you are taking tablets so far, you may - after consultation with your doctor - try it confidently, whether you feel comfortable with insulin may be better. False is the idea that you would over time increase the dose of insulin bound. On the contrary, often the body's cells react with time sensitive to the hormone.

How should you handle the injections and how you lose the fear of injection, you get to learn in the diabetes education program. They will tell you everything about your disease and how you can cope well in everyday life come.