Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mediator: victims and patients

Mediator, only one certainty: the victims are patients!

Paris, December 22, 2010 - Every day the media echo of the Mediator of the case by providing new insights. Many questions arise, but a certainty remains: the victims of this disaster are health patients.

- Victims of considerable risks that made them today and agonize,
- Victims finally and especially for those who suffer from debilitating complications, which sometimes proved fatal outcome.

The Directorate General of Health is coordinating a broad information campaign to all those who took the pick. The French Association of Diabetic supports these efforts and participates in the Monitoring Committee established at the initiative of Minister of Labour, Employment and Health.
It is necessary that all those who fortunately suffered no sequelae are reassured. It is essential that all cases of complications arising from this medication are identified and tracked.
In this complex case, the interests of victims should be the paramount consideration.
AFD calls as part of the public health campaign undertaken with people who took the pick, all examinations are fully supported, especially for those who are not enrolled in ALD, whereas nearly two-thirds of these patients are not diabetic, finally, for all, that any excess fees are also reimbursed.
Given the considerable number of people gaining benfluorex, epidemiologists are predicting thousands of people with serious sequelae.
In other cases, the state was able to organize and take charge of monitoring and fair compensation to victims who have suffered serious and permanent injury. Once the identification of victims affected by drug valvulopathy, AFD request such a tracking device victims is established.

A survey of IGAS was commissioned to shed light on the history of this case. Like many, AFD looks closely watch the publication of the interim report and final report of this commission.

This case affects the essential trust of patients to their drugs. Only the establishment and maintenance of transparency at all levels will restore this basic trust. The application in this field too, a true democracy in health can be a valuable guarantors. Associations of health users are ready to play their role.