Tuesday, September 6, 2011

chronic gastritis issues

In the long term workers in teams have chronic gastritis, gastric enteritis, stomach ulcers and colitis. Gastric ulcers are a fairly serious threat and are eight times more common in shift systems with night than day shifts and shift systems without nights. The biggest culprit of all these complaints - in addition to stress - the poor eating habits of shift workers generally. They often eat the wrong foods in wrong quantities wrong times. One of the main meals eaten at home but is either an earlier or later hours than usual or it is eaten in the workplace where the quality of the food is often unsatisfactory and the meal is consumed quickly in uncomfortable places. The cafeterias at night usually closed, if there are pre-packaged sandwiches available without nutritional value. There is an insufficient consumption of starches and complex carbohydrates such as pasta and rice. Mayonnaise and cakes are then often offered so that the power imbalance as a hit and people can feel tired and lethargic. Coffee and cola are machines galore, and a potable water tap is often impossible to find. The coffee consumption is at night 16% higher than during other shifts. Furthermore, the lunch at 25% of shift workers have beaten, usually not to interrupt their sleep. Smoking at night also made 13% more than during the day.

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