Sunday, September 4, 2011

Abortion limit remains unchanged

There is no reason to limit the performance of abortions to adjust. This Schippers writes Minister of Health, after consultation with experts, today in a letter to the House.

About this limit discussion started in October 2010 after the directive Perinatal Policy in Extreme Prematurity of the Dutch Paediatric Association and the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology published. This directive proposes that children who are 24 or 25 weeks after birth are not the current 'no-unless' principle to apply, but instead a' yes' unless' policy should apply to terms starting with medical treatment.

During the budget, the Minister asked the House about the progress of science.

The minister from experts about the backgrounds of the new guideline for treatment of newborns and the relationship between the Directive and the limit for abortion services. This revealed that there was insufficient medical, legal and practical reasons for the abortion limit change as a result of the new directive Perinatal Policy. It has been considered to change the limit for abortion would mean letting born children whose quality of life is very limited. Treatment for this group of children with extreme prematurity are generally not an option. In addition, lowering the abortion limit could lead to compromises in the quality of care around the 20-week ultrasound for all pregnant women in our country.

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